A few nice aging images I found: aged. Image by c.ronnie AGES Image by 4rilla

Skin 4 – Freeway of Love

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Tips To Keep Your Skin Care Routine Simple

Proper skin care is necessary to have skin that looks and feels good. Practicing these skin care tips will give you the great results you want. Neglecting your skin not only affects how you look,…

Nice Skin Care photos

Check out these skin care images: Infrared HDR Garden of the Gods Colorado Image by Brokentaco IR converted Canon Rebel XTi. AEB +/-2 total of 3 exposures processed with Photomatix. High Dynamic Range (HDR) High-dynamic-range…

How To Maximize The Potential Your Hair

You probably don’t think about it much until you start to lose it. Sometimes, that’s the way it is with hair. You don’t really appreciate it until you no longer have it. Use these tips…