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UNAMID provides health care to IDPs in Labado
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Image by UNAMID Photo
20 November 2013. Labado: Children from Labado, East Darfur, wait at the UNAMID base to be attended by the medical personnel due to the absence of any other health care in the area. Nearly 200 patients (mostly children and women) come the UNAMID clinic every week. The most prevalent cases are malaria, typhoid, diarrheal diseases, snake and scorpion bites, dog and donkey bites, malnutrition, eye infection, fungal skin infection, cold, flu and dental caries.
Armed clashes broke out in April 2013 between armed movements and the Government of Sudan forces. Due to this fight, most of the residents were displaced to IDP camps in Nyala, South Darfur, some to others in the East, and thousands sought refuge in the vicinity of a UNAMID’s base near Labado. Due to the on-going insecurity situation, all humanitarian staff working in Labado were evacuated leaving it non-operational since then.
Health has been one of the most critical needs for the IDPs and the UNAMID clinic remained the only health center providing assistance to them since April.
Photo by Albert González Farran, UNAMID

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