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Image from page 80 of “Hawaii and its people; the land of rainbow and palm” (1899)
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Identifier: hawaiiitspeoplel00twom
Title: Hawaii and its people; the land of rainbow and palm
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Twombly, Alexander S. (Alexander Stevenson), 1832-1907
Publisher: New York, Boston [etc.] Silver, Burdett
Contributing Library: Brigham Young University Hawaii, Joseph F. Smith Library
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ndred and fifteen feet long, and four hundredand four feet wide. It was surrounded by a massivewall, twelve feet high and fifteen feet thick. Formerly,large wooden images stood on the walls, about four feetapart. Judging from the full-blooded native women now liv-ing in Hawaii, the Hawaiian feminine type was probably,in ancient times, that of a large, well-rounded body, abrown skin, bright eyes, long flowing hair, and gracefulmovements in the young girls, who romped, ran racesand breasted the surf. The women, however, soon be-came old, losing their early comeliness and degeneratinginto either the enormously fat women of the chiefshouseholds, or the wrinkled and shriveled common na-tive women with scanty gray locks and bony hands, who STORY OF KELEA, THE SURF RIDER. 77 did the drudgery of the family, and in old age receivedvery little care either from their husbands or children. Many of the things eaten by the Hawaiians, in ancientdays, were unpalatable and even disgusting to civilized

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MAKING POI. people. Pork was almost their only meat and this wastabued to women. They had fowls, but relied mainlyon fish, which they often ate raw, the taro root andthe fruits which grew spontaneously. The taro^ made 78 HAWAII AND ITS PEOPLE. by a process into a gray mass called poi^ yams, bread-fruit, sugar cane, sea kelp, cocoanuts, bananas and wildberries completed the list, although dogs were considereda toothsome viand, usually restricted to the chiefs andpriests. The hogs were small, with long heads anderect ears. There are various opinions among foreignersin regard to the appetizing quality of poi^ from time im-memorial the staple article of Hawaiian food. It was natural for a race of barbarians, with such cus-toms and peculiarities, to live under a social codetotally at variance with modern ideas. The story ofKelea brings out some of the strange characteristics ofthat ancient period. We will try to put this legendinto something like its original form, taking one of theearly b

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